Archer Daniels Midland

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Archer Daniels Midland


Topic Page No. * About ADM - 3 * History & Evolution - 4 * Value Creation - 5 * Business Model - 6 * Strategy - 8 * Organizational Structure - 9

About ADM
The world's population is growing and along with it the demand for quality foods, livestock feed, alternative fuels, and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional chemicals is also increasing. As one of the world's leading agricultural processing
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Within this extensive offering of products are brands known and respected around the globe. ADM grows or buys the raw crops, transports them as necessary between countries and facilities for processing, transforms them into the desired value added product, and then sells them to the customers around the globe.
More than 230 processing plants around the world generate a remarkable array of products made from corn, wheat, cocoa, oilseeds and other feedstock, and the breadth of operations gives flexibility to adjust manufacturing activities to respond to shifts in a dynamic global marketplace.
Value Creation is basically the end product of the Business Model which is described below.

Business Model 1. Customer Segmentation- For its Food Processing Business, customers are principally other manufacturers and processors.

2. Value Proposition- Value that the Company creates as described above is in regard to the the Customer Segments identified for ADM Products and Services.

3. Channels- Company’s products are distributed mainly in bulk from processing plants or storage facilities directly to customers’ facilities. The Company has developed a comprehensive transportation system to efficiently move both commodities and processed products virtually anywhere in the world. The Company owns or leases large numbers of


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