Apple and Oxfam Stakeholders Influence

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Thomas Dervish
Business Environment
Unit 1
M1 And D1

Assignment Brief: Add a further section to your article that provides an in depth explanation covering the points of view of the different stakeholders and provide a clear link between these points of view and the aims of the two organisations. For each stakeholder you have identified, explain how much influence they have on the aims and objectives of the two organisations.
Assignment Brief: Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organisation.
Customers are a key stakeholder in any company, but for Apple in particular they play a big role on the aims and objectives on the business. Apple customers expect an efficient help and support service should
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Oxfam have over 3000 different suppliers. Oxfam need to use branding in order to get more suppliers, they try to get consumers and local communities to donate top quality for the goods. This makes them extremely important to Oxfam's cause.
Apple don’t really rely on local communities for money or for investment, although Apple need to be careful that they don’t upset local communities as sometimes they can hold a lot of power as stakeholders. For example if Apple were to open a new branch in a quiet community, some members of the local community could object to Apple opening a store in that particular area. This is why local communities are still an important stakeholder in Apples business.
Unlike Apple, Oxfam rely heavily on local communities, they are usually massive stakeholders in charity businesses, local communities usually help local charities, by giving them donation as well and investments. Local communities influence charities like oxfam because Oxfams mission statement shows what it stands for it states “The purpose of Oxfam is to help create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. We are part of a global movement for change, one that empowers people to create a future that is secure, just, and free from poverty.” This mission statement is showing that oxfam aims to help local communities in other countries who are currently in