Apple Strategic Management

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Apple, Inc.
Strategic Management Case Analysis
Kait Vinson 4/18/2011

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SECTION ONE: CORE PROBLEMS & ISSUES In the transition from Apple Computers, Inc. to Apple Inc. over the past decade, the company has faced many problems with its strategy in regards to navigating the personal computer industry. Some of the initial problems included the fact that all of the company’s computer products ran on different operating systems. There was a lack of compatibility with IBM computers which garnered the majority of the market will into the 1990s. In addition, CEO Steve Jobs’ management style that dedicated company spending on Mac computers was a point of contention. All
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This target market buys Apple for its status quo factor and the rising brand awareness this has initiated. Apple can use this sense of exclusivity to capture additional profit margin off of its products. Differentiating product areas: Apple is in a unique position as a technology company to use various technologies to innovate over different product areas, allowing for simultaneous creation of new products. The opportunity to possess an entire branded technology line is great in that someday customers may someday outfit their entire home or office specifically with Apple products thus providing one-stop shopping for customers.

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Quick-adopting target market: The market that Apple has targeted involves those who are the fastest adopters of new technologies and products which creates an aura or frenzy-like feel when a new product or new version of a product is launched. This allows Apple to quickly outdate its products and release new ones which creates new waves of market demand in a previously satisfied market condition.


Fluidity within technology industry: The transition from a purely computer based technology company to a broader scope technology company allows for the company to segue out of personal computers and into the next trend of computer-based products such as the tablet. Apple is unique in this position and ability which will allow the company to keep from becoming pigeon-holed into a niche and can instead adapt quickly and easily to


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