Ant Colony

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In the Disney movie, A Bugs Life, there are many sociological factors that are present. First there is the difference between the leadership styles of the Queen ant, Princess Atta, and even Hopper the grasshopper. Also, the ant colony it self portrays the differences in social groups and who is looked at as a norm based on the ants perception and those who are deviant from the colony. And lastly, another sociological perspective that can be seen is the symbolic interationist perspective and the way one acts of deviance or norm and if that is based and if that behavior is biological or learned. In what follows the colony of ants will be descried and analyzed through the sociological aspects of, leadership
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This is show with the gathering of the food and all staying in line and dropping the food off all as a group. Also when the idea of the “Bird” was given they even decided to follow through with the idea with it being presented by Flik in order to get rid of the grasshoppers and leave the colony alone. Another group presented in the movie is the in-group. The in-group is a social group towards which an individual feels loyalty and respect, usually due to membership in the group. The in group within the ant colony is pretty much every ant other than Flik and also the grasshoppers. The ants all share the same ideas and all feel a loyalty to the colony to protect it. All of the ants look at Flik as an outcast and not part of the colony because he is different and wants to change years of tradition with inventions and new ideologies. The royal council was willing to risk Flik’s life just to get him away from the colony in order to prepare the food for the grasshoppers again since he is the reason they had to harvest all over. Another group is that of the reference group. A reference group is a group of people or organization of which an individual respects, identifies with, or aspires to join. All the ants identify what the role of that ant is and what they are to do in order to live in the life in which they live. Being an outsider is not a status that one wants to


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