Angels & Demons - 1

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Valerie Marica
THEO 104-D48
Reflection Paper
Angels are many times presented as being dressed in white flowing robes with halos and wings. They are usually depicted with long flowing hair and surrounded by bright white light. It is not unusual to see angels presented in movies, television and literature as taking human form and assisting people by performing various supernatural acts, such as flying or performing miracles. Angels are almost always presented as good and peaceful beings having been sent by God to assist humankind. These representations many times do not agree with scripture, but the overwhelming popularity of angels in our culture is undeniable. Demons, on the other hand, seem to be a topic
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To be sure, the knowledge that there are evil creatures operating in the natural gives vivid and compelling evidence that there is indeed a Hell. Of course, when we consider demons, there is much to be considered. Certain denominations do not want to even mention the “D” word, and there are others who can easily overemphasize demoninc activity, despite the Biblical evidence. As was mentioned in the introduction, if we keep talking about Satan and his activites here on earth without talking about demons, then it is easy to create the misnomer that Satan is almost as powerful as God. Afte all, if you don’t have demons, then Satan must be very very powerful. It is true that he is very powerful, btu without the mention of demons it is easy to assume that Satan is almost as powerful as God.
The idea that there exists spiritual, unseen creatures who are either bad or good reinforces the idea that there is indeed a spiritual realm where there are opposing forces who battle each other. This helps us to see that there is a Heaven to be gained and a Hell to be shunned. Indeed, we easily acceot the idea that there is a wonderful God who rules a wonderful ehaven occupied by wonderful creatures we jknow as angels. Demons help us to recognize that there is a really bad place occupied by awful creatures ruled by


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