Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand

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External Environment
The external environment of Altius Golf consists of: the golf industry, its competitors, regulatory bodies such as United States Golf Association (USGA) and the golf players. External environment includes some opportunities as well as threats for Altius Golf which is discussed below:
Growth in industry has just restarted after a period of recession; hence this is an opportunity for Altius Golf to acquire the market share of reviving golf industry.
Moreover, recent consumer study carried out by the United States Golf Association (USGA), has revealed that high cost of golf equipment is one of the reasons for the lack of interest in golf sport, however; Altius Golf can capture the market growth by
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Altius Golf’s competitors are moving with the industry trends and are trying to offer balls and other golf equipments which are easy to use and helps new golf users to hit the shot as they require, while Altius Golf is still offering equipments which are for professionals, although golf professionals value the equipments of Altius but the industry trend shows that recent recession period has decreased the number of professional golf players and new golf players are being encouraged to play golf.
Additionally, Altius Golf’s balls are expensive as compared to competitor’s golf balls and new golf players are not willing to spend more on expensive golf equipments.
Key Marketing Issue
Altius Golf marketing focus is on Victor TX line golf equipments, which are designed for professional golf players because in the past professional golf players have won their matches using Victor TX equipments. Altius Golf has heavily spent on marketing their success of Victor TX line, however; the golf industry trends have changed and the new trend is towards low cost as well as non-confirming golf equipments. Elevate is a new line of golf equipments being considered by the Altius Golf.
Gross margin from the Elevate will be around 64% which is 6% lower than the Victor TX and in terms of retail price; Elevate will be priced at $27 per unit which is 44% lower than the premiere price of Victor TX. This low price equipment should be highlighted in marketing