ARTS 125 Week 5 Assignment Art And Culture Paper

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Art and Culture
Liliana Gonzalez
May 11, 2015
Joseph Blomer
University of Phoenix

Art has evolved in ways only one can imagine, however; their imagination does not have to go far because all one has to do is turn on the computer and connect to the World Wide Web to get information on everything. Architecture, sculpture, and painting has been around for ages, then photography made its way on to the art scene in the 1820’s and has taken leaps and bounds to establish itself as fine art The evolutions of styles are also examined. The role of diversity in the development of the arts and how it changed throughout the 20th century is examined. The role of women and their influence on the various arts is
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Andy Warhol, a famous artist, took photographs of many famous people, such as Marilyn Monroe, and modified them creating his own expression of art ("Andy Warhol'S Marilyn Prints", n.d.).
The Arts influence Pop Culture in many ways as well. When an artist creates something, such as a piece of music, a painting, or even a photograph, this creation may become very popular in society. This piece of art can be transformed into something else. This then becomes Pop Art. Pop Culture can be influenced greatly by music and clothing trends.
In closing, Pop culture has spawned a new breed of art that will forever be popular and cherished. Women have influenced art for years. It was the shape and form of a women’s body that inspired many artist to paint and sculpt. The Harlem renaissance gave way to many ethic artists giving them a voice in a society of creativity. Art gives life to the creativity of man. Art will continue to be an avenue of great expression for centuries to come.

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