A1 Assessor Award

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7317 – Vocational Assessors Award
Underpinning Knowledge Requirements ________________________________________

Q1. The way how I identify and use different types of evidences when carrying out assessments are by reading through all the chosen units assessment reports to have a clear understanding of the criteria/elements which the candidate must meet.
The different types of evidences which can be used are, Task Statements, Work Product/Work Evidences, Observations, Supplementary Evidences, Questionnaires, Professional Discussions and also Witness Statements.

Q2. When comparing different types of evidences, I make sure the work product covers either, the Skills and Techniques or the Performance Indicators depends on the NVQ
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This is done once I’ve collect all evidences towards the relevant unit. This will show that the candidate was capable to meeting the required criteria/elements.

Q15. To check that the evidence was created by the candidate I always ask them to demonstrate who they created the evidence and also I would take down the file path. The file path is added to the candidates work evidence as well as in my Observations.

Q16. To make sure that supporting evidences supplied by other people are reliable I ask the Manager to write out a Witness Statement, I would also speak to the witness regarding the candidates unit, explaining the criteria/elements which they need to cover and will be assed on. The witness must have knowledge and experience in the area which I will assess to allow them to write up the statement otherwise it will not be valid.

Q17. I always tell the candidates that they can use evidences which they previously created towards the chosen unit. For instance an ITQ candidate might have already created a Powerpoint presentation a few weeks ago and as she/he Chose this particular unit, instead of getting them to re-create another presentation we would use the same as long as it met all the relevant criteria/elements. This saves the candidate a lot of time and effort and fast tracks he collection of the evidence.

Q18. The way how I give constructive


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