A&D High Tech Case

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1. Assuming that there are no holidays other than weekends and ignoring the sunk cost of the planning team’s effort, what is the expected project completion date?
The expected project completion date was Nov 19, 2003 because the project started for May 26, 2003 and the project duration was 127 days. After rearranging the tasks of the project, however, the project needed 4 less days to be achieved, so the expected project completion data would be delayed to Nov 13, 2003 with the project duration of 123 days. 2. What is the total cost? How much of the total cost are labor cost & capital cost?
Labor cost:
Total Cost as of May 26 2003: $98,500 + $795,180 = $893,680
Labor Cost: $ 795,180
Capital Cost:
(12 Windows 2000
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Assuming the Christmas Season begins from Dec 10, there would be almost three weeks as the buffer time, which accounts for about 14% of the schedule time. If the project team can use this buffer time very, the possibility of achieving the project would be much higher. 2) Ask for more resources. There is too much over-allocation in the project plan, which means many team members need to work overtime. Oftentimes, however, even working overtime does not work. To solve this problem, one way is to delay these work, which is not suitable for this project. The other way is to pour more resources on the project, such as employing more developers or outsourcing some works. Therefore, the project manger and CIO need to ask for more resources from the other top executives to ensure that the project could be done on time. 3) Delay the works which would not influence the critical path. Actually, the delay of the works on the critical path would put off the completion time of the project indeed. The delay of most of other works, however, would not influence the project completion time,for example build Capture Customer Profile Pages & Components. As a result, the project manager could ensure the works on the critical path be done on time. 5. Three months into the project (as of August 26 2003), assume that details of the actual work performed are as provided in the 2-page attachment to this sheet. Use Earned Value


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