4 Mat Review

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4 MAT Review
Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity
Liberty University
Jacqueline Langford

4-MAT Review: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity
The integration of psychology and theology has become a hot topic since psychology began to integrate into a new part of society. Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity argue ways that one can embrace psychology into the Christian world. The church has always been a dominant part of society. As Christians we all have precise worldview. Our worldview is based upon the Christian belief system. As Christians we yearn for ways to use our abilities to do good things that please our Lord and Savior. Psychology is not integrated into our
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I rebelled until the age of 22. While in college I stopped doing the things that was pleasing to my God. He slowly but surely put me into my place over the next couple of years. When my life started to fall apart I realized that I cannot change the things that happened to me. In the end I had to stop acting out because I am holding on to something that I had no control over. I started back on my journey to the church and giving my God the praise. When I started to rededicate my life to him I found and job and things started looking up in my personal life. He started blessing me abundantly and eventually my feelings about being adopted went away.
In my reflection I would like to reflect upon the worldview. A person’s worldview is composed of their life experiences. Our world view is made up of our family, friends and our culture. As Christians we have a specific worldview. Our worldview is based upon our Christian belief system. As Christians, we have the desire to use our abilities to do good things that please God. Because our worldview helps us relate to things in our everyday life. I feel it helps us better become acquainted with ourselves. The one problem I found in the book deals with the Holy Spirit not being talked about in the integration development. There was much said about God but there was nothing that talked about influential the Holy Spirit is. The Holy Spirit provides direction, insight, understanding


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