12 Angry Men Analysis - 3

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12 Angry Men, a 1957 film directed by Sidney Lumet, based off of a teleplay by Reginald Rose, exemplifies various forms of human communication amongst a small group of men. After the court dispute, the jury had been announced to their destination. Twelve strongly expressive men accumulate into a small group in the court where they will all come to a consensus on whether a boy is to be charged guilty or innocent. The group of twelve men that gathered into this small room, all displayed unique and strong personalities—whether it was a strong aggressive attitude, a strong devoted will, or even a strong mouse personality. Their objective was to all agree towards one single decision—guilty or innocent. If only one person decides to say …show more content…

The man could not fathom that idea which allowed him, in a sense, to “threaten” the group of the unpleasant consequence of death if the group did not choose practically and logically. With the idea under their shoes, the men were influenced by the possibility of innocence. Accordingly, reward power was also used throughout the group discussion. A groups discussion is “when others are influenced by the granting or promise of desirable consequences” (250). Since all the men were stuck in a tiny room debating back and forth, they all wanted to leave and go to their hidden agendas. Knowing that leaving was a “reward”, some were influenced to vote guilty so that they can easily leave. In addition, information power was used when each individual had an abundance of information to share that would influence the group. In particular, the man that was stubborn for the boy’s innocence, was able to challenge every evidence of guilt. He supplied a various amount of “what if’s” and “there’s a possibility” to the point where it opened the eyes of many individuals within the group. Naturally, leadership and power play a large role in group communication. Structured problem solving was another concept covered and observed throughout the entire film. Problem consensus was the format utilized amongst the group of mean as it


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