Project 25X’25 Green Energy

Project 25X’25 is a powerful coalition of partners that are determined to see that 25% of America’s power is supplied by renewable energy resources by 2025. It is an achievable goal that faces many challenges, however, with support and the push from ordinary Americans Project 25X’25 can be a reality for us.

Developing the Action Plan in 2006, the 25x’25 Project Steering Committee brought together endorsing partners in Washington, DC to begin forming the framework of the 25x’25 Action Plan. At this meeting, the endorsing organizations discussed and compiled a preliminary list of obstacles and solutions to get to the goal. Five working groups were established and met regularly to develop draft components of the action plan. The five workgroup topic areas are:


Electrical Generation From Renewables

Public Outreach And Education

Renewables In Other Sectors

Natural Resources and Wildlife

The endorsing partners reconvened for the second Action Plan Development Meeting in Denver, CO. The work groups spent a full day discussing and further developing implementation recommendations for the consideration of the alliance partners. The work groups came together in a plenary session to report progress and seek input from other participants. By the end of this meeting, the group had achieved significant consensus on the primary components of the project and the next steps in the implementation planning process.

In 2007, the partners assembled again to review and finalize the details of the Steering Committee’s draft Action Plan. The partners spent the day reviewing each draft chapter and the proposed funding requests that will allow the project to become a reality. At the end of this meeting the Steering Committee had a well-developed outline of the recommendations with which they would build the final Action Plan. The Steering Committee released the 25x’25 Action Plan: Charting America’s Energy Future at an event on Capitol Hill that included many of the congressional champions and leaders of 25x’25 partner organizations. The final Action Plan provides recommendations that aim to achieve the vision of producing 25% of the nation’s energy from renewable sources by 2025. Significantly, the Action Plan represents the consensus views on how to achieve a renewable energy future.

In 2010, the 6th National 25x’25 Summit drew a diverse collection of key policy makers; farm, ranch, livestock and forestry leaders; state alliance leaders; congressional staff and federal agency representatives to hear some of the nation’s foremost experts address the role renewable energy development is playing in our transition to a renewable energy future. Together the participants examined the contributions that America’s farms, ranches and forestlands are making, and will continue to make, to build and sustain the momentum needed to reach a new, secure energy future, one which will help diminish the threat to national security, bolster our international leverage, strengthen our foreign policy objectives, and disentangle America’s relationships with unstable or hostile regimes. Key notes discussed were meeting the 36 billion gallon renewable fuel supply, creating a wood to energy roadmap, addressing climate change challenges and exploring contributions and impacts from animal agriculture.

Unfortunately, even now in 2012, there are only a handful of states that participate in the 25x’25 project. Many states, such as Arizona and New Mexico, with vast reserves of renewable resources still do not participate in the project. Whether it is the need for a financial incentive or poor infrastructure that prevents these states from participating is an unknown. The long term benefits and ancillary employment and economic benefits should be incentive enough for these states to jump on the proverbial band wagon and begin using renewables as a positive resource for electricity.