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Renewable Green Energy Essay

Project 25X’25 Green Energy Project 25X’25 is a powerful coalition of partners that are determined to see that 25% of America’s power is supplied by renewable energy resources by 2025. It is an achievable goal that faces many challenges, however, with support and the push from ordinary Americans Project 25X’25 can be a reality for us. Developing the Action Plan in 2006, the 25x’25 Project Steering Committee brought together endorsing partners in Washington, DC to begin forming the framework of the 25x’25 Action Plan. At this meeting, the endorsing organizations discussed and compiled a preliminary list of obstacles and solutions to get to the goal. Five working groups were established and met regularly to develop draft components of the action  →
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Essay on Global Warming: Effects of Fossil Fuels

Oscar Ortega 1046617 Professor Bott / Chemistry 1301 Global Warming Many industries like the oil, gas, coal and chemical industries rely on fossil fuels for electricity, heat and raw materials. When these industries burn these fuels, they release carbon dioxide and other gasses into the air. The buildup of these gasses causes the Earth’s atmosphere to trap more of the sun’s heat, causing the earth to get warmer. This increase in global temperatures is called “global climate change” or “global warming.” “Earth’s outgoing infrared radiation is retained by several trace gases in the atmosphere whose concentrations have been increasing because of human industrial, commercial, and agricultural activities” (ChemistryExplained). These gases have the ability to absorb radiation, leading to the tendency  →
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