In the introduction chapter to The Automatic Millionaire, the author starts out by getting his readers’ attention using facts and describing how easily this system works for people who use it. The author then talked about the “American Dream” being stolen from most Americans because of the “shrinking stock market”, and because the old approach of investing, simply isn’t working anymore. Bach was able to back these statements up because more than half of the American workers have less than twenty-five thousand dollars in savings and almost sixty million Americans have no savings at all. The author believes that everyone is entitled to live the “American Dream”, and he wants to help people make this possible. He describes the steps of becoming an “Automatic Millionaire”, as very easy to follow and says that most people probably already know the steps in the process, they are either just not using them correctly or at all.  Becoming an “Automatic Millionaire” isn’t going to happen overnight, or within a short period of time, this system is meant to work steadily throughout a person’s working life. “It’s the tortoise’s approach to wealth, not the hare’s (Bach, 5).”  The most important aspect if this system is that you have to make your financial plan automatic; if it isn’t automatic, more than likely, it will fail. Making your financial plan automatic allows you to go about your life and not have to spend a lot of time or energy worrying about your finances. So, in a way, this system will give you your life back and give you the time to actually enjoy it.  Bach has also ended each chapter with a short summary called “Automatic Millionaire Action Steps”, these steps are designed to help you get started and the summaries explain exactly what you can do today to start accumulating real wealth. After reading the introduction chapter for this book, I think that this is going to be an enjoyable read for me, it seems very interesting and honestly I think it could really benefit me in the future. I personally have gotten very bad about taking care of my personal finances and I am always looking for things I can do to help me in that regard. I have purchased other books off of the television that promise to make you rich, and help your financial standing, but none of them have ever helped or been useful to me. But, like Bach talks about, most of these books are get rich quick schemes, and if they work at all, they don’t work for more than a handful of people. I am very interested in this book already and I can’t wait to read and learn more about Bach’s approach to becoming an Automatic Millionaire. I hope that the information and techniques presented in this book are able to help me now and in the future.