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Albuquerque Elementary Schools

Painted Sky Elementary
Seven Bar Elementary
Mary Ann Binford Ele
Sierra Vista Elementary
Truman Middle
S. R. Marmon Element
Dennis Chavez Elemen
Double Eagle Elementary
La Mesa Elementary
Carlos Rey Elementary
Chaparral Elementary
Marie M Hughes Elementary
Chamiza Elementary
Petroglyph Elementary
Lavaland Elementary
Edmund G Ross Elemen
Government Bent Elementary
Kit Carson Elementar
Adobe Acres Elementa
Alamosa Elementary
Georgia O'keeffe Ele
Hawthorne Elementary
E San Jose Elementary
Bandelier Elementary
Emerson Elementary
Hodgin Elementary
Pajarito Elementary
Barcelona Elementary
Hub H Humphrey Eleme
Horizon Academy West
Wherry Elementary
Navajo Elementary
S. Y. Jackson Elementary
Valle Vista Elementary
Tomasita Elementary
Sandia Base Elementary
John Baker Elementar
Chelwood Elementary
Zuni Elementary
Monte Vista Elementary
Montezuma Elementary
Sombra Del Monte Ele
Inez Elementary
Bel Air Elementary
Alvarado Elememtary
Mitchell Elementary
Horizon Academy Cht.
Armijo Elementary
Comanche Elementary
Zia Elementary
Dolores Gonzales Ele
Mission Avenue Elementary
Arroyo Del Oso Elementary
Los Ranchos Elementary
Eubank Elementary
Eugene Field Elementary
Osuna Elementary
Kirtland Elementary
Mc Collum Elementary
Atrisco Elementary
Collet Park Elementary
Bellehaven Elementar
Mountain View Elementary
Longfellow Elementar
Cochiti Elementary
Alameda Elementary
La Luz Elementary
Reginald Chavez Elementary
Matheson Park Elementary
Apache Elementary
Whittier Elementary
Mark Twain Elementary
Horizon Academy Nw
Lowell Elementary
Onate Elementary
Acoma Elementary
Duranes Elementary
Griegos Elementary
Los Padillas Elementary
Lew Wallace Elementary
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