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Las Vegas Elementary Schools

Rogers Lucille Elementary
Bass John Elementary
Carl Kay Elementary
Jydstrup Helen Elementary
Mendoza John Elementary
Bilbray James Elementary
Ronnow C C Elementary
Bell Rex Elementary
Lake Robert Elementary
Dondero Harvey Elementary
Bryan Roger Elementary
Lynch Elementary
Wynn Elaine Elementary
Cortez Manueles Elementary
Ober William Elementary
Alamo Elementary
Mountain View Elementary
Decker Clarabelle Elementary
Fong Wing & Lilly Elementary
Detwiler Ollie Elementary
Staton Ethel Elementary
Allen Elementary
Gragson Oran Elementary
Heckethorn Howard Elementary
Frias Charles & Phyllis Elementary
Piggott Clarence Elementary
Diskin Pat Elementary
Hayes Keith & Karen Elementary
Bendorf Patricia Elementary
Rundle Richard Elementary
Tarr Sheila Elementary
Earl Ira Elementary
Mcmillan James Elementary
Cunningham Cynthia Elementary
Rowe Lewis Elementary
Beckley Will Elementary
Culley Paul Elementary
May Ernest Elementary
Hollingsworth Howard Elementary
Dearing Laura Elementary
Beatty Elementary
Herr Helen Elementary
Tate Myrtle Elementary
Ronzone Bertha Elementary
Edwards Elbert Elementary
Earl Marion Elementary
Katz Edythe & Lloyd Elementary
Gehring Elementary
Lummis William Elementary
Cox Clyde Elementary
Long Walter Elementary
Sunrise Acres Elementary
Reed Doris Elementary
Park John Elementary
Mcwilliams J T Elementary
Neal Joseph Elementary
Hill Charlotte Elementary
Wengert Cyril Elementary
Garehime Edith Elementary
Heard Lomie Elementary
Jacobson Walter Elementary
Vegas Verdes Elementary
Hewetson Halle Elementary
Peterson Dean Elementary
Crestwood Elementary
Rhodes Elementary
Wooley Gwendolyn Elementary
Bonner Elementary
Deskin Ruthe Elementary
Smith Hal Elementary
Eisenberg Dorothy Elementary School
Thomas Ruby Elementary
Ullom Jim Elementary
Bunker Berkeley Elementary
Moore William Elementary
Ward Gene Elementary
Guy Addeliar Elementary
Wiener Louis Elementary
Snyder William Elementary
Warren Rose Elementary
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