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Performing Arts
We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

The online site of the Arts and Entertainment channel features a rich source of information on performing arts as well as the channel's programming.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences site is devoted to the movies. It contains information on educational programs, movies featured by the academy, who's up for an Oscar, and more. A very infomative page.

This site provides a forum online for actors (it does require a $75 annual subscription fee to participate) to post a photograph (head shot) and brief resume online.

The online home of the American Ballet Theater offers biographies, story synopses, and a tour schedule as well as a number of images.

An extremely well organized page for this award winning San Francisco-based theater includes many other links to theater sites around the Web. It also lets you order tickets online.

The American Film Institute is an independent, nonprofit organization designed to assist television and film students, including course requirements and admissions information.

The National Endowment for the Arts offers an online newsletter that's searchable, with information and articles. Events are included, as well as several pages all about the purpose and structure of the NEA.

The Massachusetts Department of Education offers a guide to Standards One and Two in teaching performing arts, and discusses creating and performing as steps in the process. A good source of information.

The Kennedy Center created this compelling site, which features all aspects of the arts: music, dance, fine arts, and more. An awesome resource for students, teachers, parents, and art lovers.

This is the Mining Company's Ballet and Dance site, where dancer and teacher Cheryl Cowan reviews books, gathers and reviews sites (lots of them!), and writes articles of interest to dance enthusiasts everywhere. Among her topics: dance schools, professional dance, fitness, nutrition, technology.

This site, with an underlying desire for you to buy broadway tickets, offers much more. In the Annie area you will find the history of Annie, cartoon, information about the Great Depression, and more. In the Titanic section you will find all kinds of information, including links to the Discovery Channel's web site about the Titanic. This is a site rich with content which should be visited time and time again.

This guide to standards and teaching the performing arts offers guidelines and offers teachers a chance to submit lesson plans to the site. A great guide for students as well as educators.

If you teach theater, this site has a lot to offer. The author explains creative drama, offers classroom ideas and theater games, and gives helpful information on dozens of plays suitable for young acting groups. She also includes a lengthy book list and a discussion area.

Drama scripts, from simple sketches and skits to full length plays and musicals. Includes more than a hundred scripts written for performance by children, from small casts to full-class school plays.<br />

This is a neat page. It has important things like online texts, books, articles, and newsgroups, plus lots of fun stuff like props and how to make them. There are other theater links and medieval pages also.

Online Edition of Mix Magazine, dealing with "Professional Recording - Sound and Music Production." This site contains reviews of new equipment, studio showcase, and many more sections.

This is a very informative and professional looking ThinkQuest site. It deals with the making of movies and offers extensive history and procedural information, a huge glossary of film-making terms, the day-by-day making of a short movie which you can view, and the chance to "make" your own.

Rachel Rosenthal is an Obie-winning interdisciplinary performer and master teacher. She developed her signature technique "Doing by Doing"<br />or "The DbD Experience" over decades of working in theatre and has taught in her Los Angeles studio since 1989. Rosenthal's technique is based in dramatic improvisation and incorporates all aspects of performance; movement, voice, sets, costumes and lighting. Workshop dates are listed on the website.<br />

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