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Andersen Consulting offers a hands-on demonstration of agent technology by asking the user a series of questions and then generating a list of Web sites you might like to see. Provide feedback and you'll get access to a number of interesting and thought-provoking articles on how agent technology could change the way we use the Web.

The lab is experimenting with encoding technical videos and sharing them from a video file server; information is available on their Web site.

This site includes a searchable list of Internet mailing lists, as well as directories of online journals, zines, and more. A great research resource.

This is the ambitious project of the American School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The plan is to design and simulate a Mars Mission, and an impressive amount of work has already been done and documented here. You can learn about the mechanics, read the chats with space experts, and take part in planning sessions.

No, not the ones you use with your computer. Or the kind the cats are always after. MICE stands for Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for Europe, and they're developing a video server to make video viewing feasible over the Internet. Check it out; this is the future.

Technical and developer information are only a small subset of the information on Microsoft products and technologies available on this site. Read about OLE, ODBC, and Microsoft's vision of the Net. Lots of free software to download as well.


This is a chemistry-related java applet which allows you to look at a molecule, spin it, modify its structure, and zoom in and out. The site offers plenty of source and procedure information and a great list of nanotechnology links as well.

Check out Enliven, a neat new animation technology for the Web.

An overall directory of information and resources about the U.S. space agency and its programs. A very content-rich and informative site, and a great place to go when you're bored!

An agent of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the NIST is "working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards." NIST provides answers to frequently asked questions and two search engines. This is a worthwhile site for those who are interested in science.

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications has one of the most extensive and informative sites on the Web. A goldmine of technology information.

This handy online guide containing definitions of hundreds of Internet terms is a great resource for Web users.

Keep up with the latest news on the World Wide Web with the company that made it accessible and easy for most of us in the first place. Check out the latest version of the Netscape browser, and find out what news is breaking on the Internet.

C|Net's newest service offers the most up to date computer and software industry news online in a neat, easy to use format. A great service...and typical of C|Net.

A rich resource of object-oriented technology and programming information. An object-oriented edition of CNN's Moneyline is also available here.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology offers you surprisingly easy, clearly instructed access to a wide range of scientific data. In addition to evaluated links, you get electronic journals, databases, and other online resources.

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