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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Need to know more about how business, government, and education organizations work? ASQ publishes the latest and best research in organization studies and theory. The site contains the contents tables of current and past issues, and abstracts of the articles.

This website offers lots of resources to the sociology student and professional. You will find assocation-specific as well as general sociology information.

Annual Reviews has developed a very useful site. They have compiled abstracts of articles for the past 12 years and made them searchable. You can obtain a reprint for $5.00 per article and receive it in a PDF format available for downloading. What a service!

"To stimulate the sociological imagination" this site offers quotes, commentary, data analyses, and categorized links dealing with man and society. Very literate and thought-provoking.

Presented here is an exploration of utopia and dystopia in art, literature, and history. This topic is brought to the present with a look at several current projects such as Disney's "Celebration of Small-town America on the Edge of the Twenty-first Century."

Electronic versions of the City and County Data Books from 1994 are available on this site. The books include everything from local voting patterns to population distribution.

A list of colleges' and universities' sociology departments, periodicals, and directories.

This site, part of the Ben and Jerry's Web site, focuses on teaching non-violent approaches to conflict. A neat resource that can help kids learn conflict management skills.

Under the auspices of UNESCO, the ISA conducts sociological studies around the world. This site summarizes activities including research committees, working groups, and publications. Available in English, French, and Spanish.

A list of current jobs being offered in the field, along with brief descriptions of each position and who to contact.

This site explores the "Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues" of scientific research. Topics include basic vs. applied research, breast cancer screening, sustainable development, indoor and outdoor pollution, and genetics. Intended to be most useful in discussions at the middle through high school levels.

This cyber magazine is chock-full of the hottest sociological discussions from the UK.

This site provides a cornucopia of links to sociology resources from around the world.

There are some final sociology papers produced by University of Pennsylvania students about family issues here. Probably of more interest are the family-related links that follow.

"Provides readers with an opportunity to sample what CJS has to offer" through samples of recent issues, announcements, and events. You can also subscribe to the journal here.

Interested in public opionion? If so, the Gallup Organization has developed a wonderful web site with you in mind. They offer results of several surveys online. You may view the presentation online or download a version from various formats for viewing on your local hard drive. They also say they will soon be conducting Gallup Polls online.

The PSA, a professional association of sociologists for the western region of the United States and Canada, has developed a useful website. They currently offer their newsletter online, but also have a quarterly journal available to members. This is a good place to network with professionals and students in the West.

This site truly introduces one to the thoughts and feelings of the homeless and poor. It's big on welfare and community issues and contains the Cyber Herald, which is published weekly on such news and events, plus a really engaging Thoughts for Today section.

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