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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.


The Alliance was established to "build an information network of people making govenment work." Stay informed about what's new and about upcoming conferences, and view the most recent calendar of events.

Here you can learn all about the services that the American Planning Association offers its members, read through abstracts from the APA's many publications, and stay current on conferences, educational opportunities, and planning issues.



The Institute for the Study of Civic Values tries to "promote the fulfillment of America's historic civic ideals." The group offers discussion of public issues such as welfare reform, encourages the use of the Internet as a political tool, and chronicles a number of principles and projects.

FedWorld offers a huge amount of information from federal agencies. You can FTP into their server for government information, documents, or files, or telnet into their server to access online ordering services and federal job information. This is a great starting point if you are looking for information from the federal government!

This is "The Independent Business Magazine of Government," and offers federal government information in articles on a wide variety of topics, a forum for discussion, and encouragement to get involved.

This web site focuses on the idea that reengineering the government will make its "services more accessible, more efficient and easier to use."

ICMA provides training programs and publications for local government professionals. They also serve "as a clearinghouse for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of local government information," and this site is one of their vehicles.

The Local Government Network is provided by The Center for Civic Networking and offers assistance in getting your office, group, or government "connected," so as to avoid becoming "roadkill on the information highway." Includes many helpful resources and links.

Housed here is information regarding government jobs, publications, and software. You'll also find information about LGI's services, which include executive search, consulting, and personnel assistance.

MISER is an interdisciplinary research institute with a focus on the formulation of public policy. There isn't tons of informaton, but the Institue is well worth knowing about.

The NCPP is "a research and public service organization devoted to improving productivity in the public sector." Information on the organization, including mission, publications, and conferences is provided here, in addtion to membership information and related links.

This is a source for sites, mainly government offices, listed by country. Part of the Parliamentary Library of Australia, it lists more Australian sites than anything else. This is a good start on a large resource.

The graduate department of Public Administration, Rutgers University, Newark, has put together "a collection of helpful links to sources on Political Science, Public Administration, and Public Policy." Subtopics iclude ethics, historical documents, research, media, and more.

The South African Public Administration Web Page gives you information on South Africa's constitution and government and links you to a number of related teaching and research sites.

Still under development and updated weekly, this catalog offers up-to-date search cababilities for the collections of the Library of Congress.

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