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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

APS offers society information, search engines, professional updates. Not as well-organized as some sites. On the plus side, they are trying to institute a rating system for psych sites and encourage reader input.

The American Psychological Association here includes selected stories from its monthly journal, a psychology search engine, and business advice.

APT is a non-profit group which endorses the knowledge of psychological type and its use in constructive ways. The site offers concise and interesting explanations of what constitutes psychological type, how it is measured (Myers-Briggs and others), and how it affects "the dynamics of personality development."

Need a lift? This charming site offers short, upbeat, true stories in several categories including: I Needed That, Good Samaritan, Surprise, and Senior Stories.

A page on the use of hypnosis in many ways like improving memory and learning ability, overcoming fear and phobias, and more.

A useful collection of learning theory resources relevant for educational psychology, instructional design, cognitive science, and other related fields. Includes summaries, influential names, references, etc.

The doctor's home page has links and free advice by email.

This site has psych testing available,as well as professionals' e-mail listings and links to other resources

An online magazine that includes articles, book reviews, movie reviews, and software reviews for parents, as well as Q & A with professionals and lots more!

This site defines self psychology, a psychoanalytic theory developed by Heinz Kohut. Contains conference and training information, discussion opportunities, related links.

This site, "dedicated to those interested in managing stress, maximizing performance and enhancing emotional health," offers categorized links to a wide variety of stress management sources, plus a discussion forum, and a great collection of stress and wellness quotes. Don’t miss the "Awards" page!

Focusing on continuing education for psychology professionals, with particular emphasis on conceptual and intervention skills.

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