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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

A straight-text biography of this well known philosopher.

This site offers articles about philosophy and the arts. You will find information about aesthetics events worldwide and links to other pertinent sites.

This is the online home of the American Society for Aesthetics. Association information is available, as well as articles, papers, and links to related sites.


This page is full of links to sites pertaining to Aristotle's background, as well as gopher sites with ASCII text of documents written by Aristotle.

Biographies and selected readings of a wide range of philosophers, placed online by Notre Dame University's Jacques Maritain Center.

This wonderfully well organized site offers a discussion area and links to philosophy journals with Internet sites. There is also a magnificent set of links to philosophy departments' web sites. Well worth the visit and, if you have a real interest in philosophy, the bookmark.

Presented here is an exploration of utopia and dystopia in art, literature, and history. This topic is brought to the present with a look at several current projects such as Disney's "Celebration of Small-town America on the Edge of the Twenty-first Century."

Selected works of a number of philosophers, with interpretations.

This "multi-lingual web site of Confucius Publishing" provides the works of Confucius and biographical information about him in sixteen languages.

This site houses 24 translated Dialogues of Plato.

This is a huge resource of philosophy links, searchable by philosopher and by topic. The author also offers three free newsletters by e-mail, a discount bookstore, used book exchange, and more.

Exploring the areas of Ethical Theory and Applied Ethics, this impressive site offers categorized links to Internet resources, discussion of ethics papers in progress, tips on using the Web in teaching and research, much more.

The author gives you easy access to the works, biography, and web resources of more than 40 thinkers, including Einstein, Da Vinci, Hawking, Rand, and McLuhan.

When the author says he's put together "the most comprehensive collection of philosphy resources on the internet," we would not be inclined to argue. He has links to philosophy guides in a dozen languages, and guides are just the first of 14 categories. Many links are annotated; the best show red stars. Excellent resource.



Portraits of the philosophers are archived on this site.

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