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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

A comprehensive site that caters to all who recognize the importance of music and music education.

Arsis Press publishes the concert and sacred music of 40 women composers, and this site details the available works. Don't miss the reprint of a Washington Post article about Clara Lyle Boone and the history of her work in getting women's music published and played (against great odds!).

The Kennedy Center created this compelling site, which features all aspects of the arts: music, dance, fine arts, and more. An awesome resource for students, teachers, parents, and art lovers.

An extensive guide on classical music, for everyone from beginners to experts. Lots of information, arias of great operas, and a multimedia concert hall featuring video clips of great performances.

A lot of very good and very detailed information on many different aspects of Brazilian music, including a fair number of audio files.

ClassicalNet has "a wide array of informational files - over 2000 in all - about classical music, as well as over 1800 links to other interesting web sites." This site is divided into six sections: Basic Repertoire, Classical CD Buying Guide, Recommend Classical CDs, Composer Data, Reviews & Articles, and Classical Music Links, plus a search engine and discussion mailing list.

This page gives you an introduction to the different instruments and their respective sounds, gives you an explanation of musical genres, and will help you learn to read music. The section on reading music covers the clefs, time signatures, types of notes, rests and symbols, and how to count. The genre section offers links to specific artists and other sites.

Everything from where to take music lessons to how to pick equipment to how to get booked professionally makes this site a must-see for aspiring musicians, or professional ones looking for a break.

This University of New Mexico project is designed to introduce K-12 students to music from around the world: rock bands from Russia, classical, and even rap music from different cultures.

Read (in English or Irish) all about the Archive's work in preserving the traditional song, dance, and music of Ireland. Make plans to visit the Archive in Dublin, or learn online about what constitutes its special and general collections, copying, recording, and research , and how you can support this work.

Categorized and annotated, this is a collection of Web resources concerning early music, including general sites, catalogs, instruments, Gregorian Chant, and more.

Online Edition of Mix Magazine, Professional Recording , Sound and Music Production. Site contains reviews of new equipment, studio showcase, and many more sections.

This site has excellent weekly articles, archived, by an experienced music educator, and you are invited to comment on them and to read the comments of others. There is also a very nice collection of reviewed music sites, and you may add your own opinion.

This site has online lessons and links for a variety of music resources.

Music in Latvia presents the groups, the personalities, and the institutions of Latvian music. You can read short biographies of a dozen composers, find out about competitions and courses, or click to the excellent Latvian links.

Get past that awkward title (and a bit of awkward construction) and this site will reward you with thought-provoking articles on the value of music, how music affects the brain, and how important music is in the educating of our children.

Music of the World is a record company specializing in "traditional and contemporary world music." Choose a geographical area and learn fascinating information about its artists and the music they are creating.

This site is the creation of a music educator of long standing, and one who's happy in her work! It's an enthusiastic blend of teaching methods, music games, information about musicians, and links to several categories of music-related sites. She welcomes other music teachers to share their ideas and methods.

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