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If you're taking algebra and need some help, or just want more information, you can check out this site. It has a lot of hints, help, and examples to make algebra easier...and maybe even more fun.

Online mathematical resources for professional mathematicians, professors, and more. A complete online list of members, member services, mathematics journals, papers, and much more. A valuable resource.

On this site, suitable for elementary through college students (and beyond), you can read through others' questions regarding math. If your question has not been answered there, send it in for an answer by one of 100 math doctors from around the world.

This is a series of explanations and experiments with light refraction, reflection, and characteristics of travel. It's straightforward and informative with helpful figures to go along with the text. All of it is nicely tied together in that, combined, the principles explain rainbows.

Automatically create practice worksheets for improving math fact skills. Each worksheet you generate is unique, since the problems are randomly re-ordered every time. Worksheets are precisely formatted for printing at 8.5" x 11", with pagination. No software to download. Free for parents, students, teachers, and other educators.

This site provides teachers with ways to increase their effectiveness with lessons, activities, articles, and the highlighting of 13 outstanding sites every month.

Constructed for K-12 math students, this site allows you to "learn about Vectors and Vector Operations by sketching and playing with them." Drag your mouse across the grid to create the vectors and then follow the directions to perform calculations on them.

The title pretty much explains it all. You can find information by subject, region, or timeline. Site also includes reference to related online and print resources.

This site contains "many interactive science and engineering solution tools." If you’re computing problems in math, geometry, linear algebra, curve fitting or regression, integration, differentiation, statistics and more, there are tools here that you can use. You may also download the library and pay a shareware fee.

Devoted to the Chaos Theory, this colorful page offers information on the theory's history, real life examples, a glossary of chaos terminology, diagrams, fractals... all the CHAOS you could want.

Site dedicated to identifying problems and areas of mathematical research needed in other sciences.

This is a good site, especially for those who feel they 'hate math' or can't be any good at it. It has a very good essay on the fear of math so many people seem to have and provides games and puzzles dealing with arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and probability. Another great feature is the CTK Exchange for questions and answers.

Magic Squares are fun mathematics, and this site is a great resource on the subject. From basic explanations to lesson plans to other web resources on the same topic, what you need to enjoy magic squares is right here!


This amusingly named site pertains to "the invasion of our schools by the New-New Math". Interesting reading. Worth a visit.

This site contains software and materials for teaching college mathematics; a great resource for teachers and students alike. And it's very nicely done.

An interactive site targeting grades K-12. It's designed to encourage participation in problem solving through the Web. Very impressive, and a neat idea.

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