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Prenatal and Infant
We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

This is an Author's Showcase site offering for purchase a book of interest to expectant parents. The authors are a couple who recently had their first child: he's with a prenatal diagnostic company and she's an optometrist and the book apparently deals largely with prenatal testing.

Have a question about Lamaze? Ask it here. They're working on a frequently asked questions page so you can browse for answers before asking, but that wasn't up yet when we last checked. Neat idea.

If you become a member, which allows them to e-mail promotional material to you, you get unlimited access to Babyonline's up-to-date features and library. You can also submit questions to their experts and expect an e-mail reply. Without membership, you may browse "with limited access." There's a lot to see either way.

A collection of online resources for parents of new babies, with everything from newsgroups and mailing lists to an online baby store. Lots of information with a few graphics. Very personal interface makes users feel at home.

The Association for Pre- & Perinatal Psychology and Health takes a very serious view of the importance of prenatal life. It’s interesting reading if you’re pregnant, and also if you’re thinking about conceiving a child in the future.

This is a collection of breastfeeding, lactation, and parenting resources. Local sources listed are East-central Illinois, but other applications are useful to all.

If you're looking for child care, this site offers an online referral service. Fill out the form and get a response via e-mail. Also offers an elder-care search referral service.

This resource offers extensive information in many areas. The focus of the site is to help parents-to-be educate themselves "to be good consumers, knowing your options, and how to provide yourself with the best possible care essential to a healthy pregnancy." Many links to external resources as well.

A resource dedicated to helping parents and their employers access information about child development, child care, early education, family support, and dependent care resources from local experts across the country. Also offers a service to connect users with community-based resources and referral agencies to help find quality child care.

A searchable online database helps locate child care centers in your area. It also offers various resources for parents and for child care providers and information on employer partnerships.


This site provides links and summarizes content of eight web sites including Parent News, The Baby Page, and Internet Protection. Several of these link to other parenting sites.

A wealth of information for parents of newborns, toddlers, and kids up through high school. Many full text articles on safety and first aid, health care, education, and educational toys.

This site contains information about the company's products, but it also has a great interactive online encyclopedia with lots of information. There's an image archive as well, containing a number of wildlife pictures. The images are pretty big, so if you're bandwidth impaired, beware!

Kristie offers lots of links to breastfeeding, childbirth, and attachment parenting. She also includes fun activities for kids and a craft page.

Here you'll find information on these topics, as well as a service to match users with others who are coping with similar issues and complications. Information on nutrition, high risk pregnancies and complications, links to newsgroups, mailing lists, other organizations, and more.

This is "an educational resource for the medical community," but you can calculate your due date here, or convert metric birth weight to English. The other tools may be a bit beyond your use, unless you're medically trained.

The Mobile, Alabama county extension service offers a series of 25 newsletters with basic parenting information linked here. They also have addresses to contact for help in birth and parenting.

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