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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

This catalog contains around 2,000 entries, mostly on gopher servers. Just enter your query and read on. Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and more await.

This site offers classic literature works in a chapter-a-day format. If you've gotta read Moby Dick, read it online a chapter a day! Neat!

This collection of online texts is organized by author. It's not a huge number of works, but each title is complete so you must admire the work put into the site.

An extensive collection of public domain French literature, in French.

Bantam Doubleday Dell offers visits with their authors, excerpts from books, a Young Readers section complete with Teacher's Resource Center, a Daily Puzzle, and other attractions.

This online literary magazine features hypertext writings, a literary discussion group, and more. It takes great advantage of the Web's technology while providing content that would be compelling in hard copy as well, although the loss of linking would be regrettable.

Read a variety of children's stories, look at colorful illustrations, listen to music, and more. And you can have your own story published on Candlelight or display your artwork in the Candlight Gallery.

This site is a collection of reviews of children's books and ways to use them in the classroom. You can look them up by title, author, type, or age, and browse them in catagories such as curriculum area, subject, and theme.

This site contains a large collection of works by the Latin poet Catullus, available here in Latin, in English, and (many of them) in Dutch. There are also links to related Greek and Latin sites, briefly annotated.

Read a variety of short stories collected by Gary Lindquist, and participate in a short story chat forum.


An online zine dedicated to "prosaics and poetics for a wired world," this site features poetry and prose.


While you must be able to use Java to get anything out of this site, it's a delightful implementation if you do. Take individual words on the screen from a large assortment and drag and drop to create your own online poetry. No way to save your work, which is the only real disadvantage we can see. It didn't crash our browser, either.

This well known writer's handbook has been reproduced online and is available as part of Project Bartleby.

Gulliver’s Travels


This is a huge collection of material on the cultures of indigenous peoples all over the world. Included are writings, sayings, art, music, myths, prayers, stories, and poetry. The layers of organization are sometimes a bit difficult, but the site has much to offer.

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