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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

This site features information on Columbus's historic voyage from the Library of Congress archives. Not much on graphics, but a lot of good information here.

An article with links concerning attention deficit disorder from the viewpoint of Boy Scout and Cub Scout leaders.

This fun, personable site is designed for girls. It's set up as a clubhouse, with hosts, games and activities, and profiles of positive female role models. A great, fun site with a strong message that girls can be anything they want to be.

The Activities Involving Math and Science Education Foundation has put together this page. The Foundation publishes a magazine of math and science activities for teachers to use in the classroom. This online site doesn't have as much, but it does have a good puzzle section that anyone can access.

This is a great story site! There are myths and legends from Native Americans and Aboriginal peoples, as well as folk tales from Europe.

A strong focus on education in the state of Texas for grades K-12. Many resources for both teachers and students.

A great site! Enables people to ask scientific questions, and participate in discussion through e-mail with Dr. Science. Nominated as "Cool Site of the Year" by People Magazine OnLine and InFinet!

A new child's craft each week, complete with patterns and instructions, and links to other craft sources.

Set up to teach kids about bats, this site has good information for all ages. Learn where and how bats live, how they help people, what myths about them are untrue, and much more. You can also play a bat game, take a bat quiz, and visit a bat cave.

David Brunk is cycling across the US to raise money for and awareness of Habitat for Humanity. This site has a map where you can track his progress since the trip began on September 7, 1997, a very interesting journal where he records the day's sights and happenings, and some art, writing, and math activities related to the trip.

Read a variety of children's stories, look at colorful illustrations, listen to music, and more. And you can have your own story published on Candlelight or display your artwork in the Candlight Gallery.

This site is a collection of reviews of children's books and ways to use them in the classroom. You can look them up by title, author, type, or age, and browse them in catagories such as curriculum area, subject, and theme.

This is a great site to see cells in action. The topics (Anatomy of a Splinter, When a Cell Commits Suicide, This Strain Kills White Blood Cells, and others) have descriptions of each step of their process, and animated gifs and Quick Time movies to see actual cells! It's a really interesting place to see, up-close, what cells do.

What a fun place for kids to play! Go first to the site map and run your mouse over the pictured areas for descriptions of what each part has to offer. There are games, puzzles, road adventures, and of course those cute Chevron Cars!

Children's Express is "by children for everybody." With a wealth of news from six news bureaus, this site is packed with content. You can also participate in an electronic round table, submit your own story ideas, answer polls, and respond to articles. It's well done and well organized-- you will find lots to read and enjoy!

Many links are offered here giving access to full-text children's classics.

This site gives you the chance to exchange your classroom pet (stuffed animal) and his journal (created by your students) with one from another area of the US or the world. The aims are to write creatively, to learn about children in other situations or cultures, and to have fun. Don't miss the letters from teachers who are doing this activity.

"The Interactive Magazine for Today's Kids!" is offered for subscription here. Online you can meet the characters, read excerpts of past issues, review the magazine's sections, and learn about the people who bring Club-Z to life. The site also offers related links and an educational products shopping section.

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