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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Everything you need for totally awsome 3-D effects. Loads of downloadable stuff. HUGE!

The software systems of Adobe are showcased here.

Providing resources and references on Common Lisp, this site was originally prepared for students in the Part-Time MS Program in Computer Science at the Johns Hopkins University. It's good information, divided into beginning and advanced levels.

AI is a combination of computer science, physiology, and philosophy. AI is a broad topic, consisting of different fields, from machine vision to expert systems. The element that the fields of AI have in common is the creation of machines that can "think."

Concerned about Net security? Find out what information you reveal about yourself when you visit a Web site from this clear, concise, and brief page. Scary or fascinating, depending on your viewpoint.

Information about the World Wide Web from the place where it was invented. Just about anything you'd want to know about the Web can be found here or in links from here. The main thrust of the site is the Laboratory's work in Particle Physics.

Site contains the complete text of the second edition of this book. By Guy L. Steele.

Tons of computer and engineering sites here, but also a 27-category index search tool with site summaries. Excellent.

An online version of Ziff-Davis's popular guide, with information on over 40,000 computer products.

Keep up with the latest and neatest Web tools on this site, which, unsurprisingly, features a new tool each day. Archives of past tools are sorted by category for easy browsing and locating.

Check out Wordperfect, Corel Draw, Corel Office, and more from this software provider.

This excellent site helps users research technology development tools using the full text of more than 100,000 indexed and searchable articles, reviews, and more. It's a very fast way to research tools you might want to use.

Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing, plus a long list of linked computer sites.

The author is interested in "the art and science of modeling: rendering imagined worlds with math and a keyboard." He's produced a page with the math, physics, theory, and practice to warm a programmer's heart! Don't miss the raytracing Java applet that allows you to create your own 3-D images.

Extensive support and technical information including white papers. The site also features the Uniquely Intel Shop, where you can order interesting Intel merchandise.


Computational Learning Theory (COLT) is here defined and explained. Many sources of additional information about this form of theoretical computer science are provided.

This is a paper by Richard P. Gabriel on Lisp, "the successes, the failures, and what to do next." It's extensive and well organized so that subtopics within can be accessed easily.

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