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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

The Australian Computational Chemistry via the Internet Project is aimed at studying chemistry with the aid of computers. This site includes a free demonstration module. The site has some interesting links, like the links to animation of molecules which you can download.

AceOrganicChem.com provides live, online, comprehensive organic chemistry help and review seminars prior to the student's final exam. Students are given organic chemistry PowerPoint presentations on the important topics and can hear, see, and ask questions of the instructor in real time as if they were physically in the same room.

The American Chemical Society is one of the leading sources of information on chemistry in the United States. A very informative site.

This site devoted to atmospheric chemistry is maintained by The University of North Carolina, USA, and the University of Leeds, UK. You can download data and software, learn how to publish scientific documents in electronic form, and visit atmospheric chemistry labs in other universities.

No frills here, just names, abbreviations, and linear structure formulas of amino acids. Also contains molecular models.

Biology and chemistry sites in a dozen categories (including the regulars plus news, lab safety, ethics, and careers) are gathered here. They are not reviewed but do include author and sponsoring institution.

ChemCom is a curriculum developed by the American Chemical Society to advance the science literacy of secondary school students in the U.S. Each of ChemCom's eight units revolves around a societal question like, "Petroleum: To Build? To Burn?" This site contains teacher resources for the course.

Here you can follow Captain Carbon through the carbon cycle, involving photosynthesis, digestion, and combustion, that allows the same atoms to be recycled for millennia. This extensive resource was researched and constructed by high school students as part of a ThinkQuest competition.

An online zine with articles, job search tools, archives, and advertising. This is a good resource and a nice job of online publishing.

Chemistry Teaching Resources, maintained at Umeå University, contains an excellent list of chemistry resource sites.

This is not for the layman, but if you need information on chiral HPLC separations, you will find a lot of it here.

A new development in the teaching of chemistry, "hyperactive" molecules are on the net for you to rotate and measure with. This tool can help students to better understand concepts on paper. Great links! Keep an eye on this site in the future.

Looking for a quick way to locate chemistry information on the Internet? This technical and research-focused site is an excellent tool. You'll also find links to and information on chemistry software.

Questions and answers on a huge range of scientific topics make this a great site for information on science. And if you don't find the answer you're looking for already here, ask a question of the mad scientist of your choice.

This is a chemistry-related java applet which allows you to look at a molecule, spin it, modify its structure, and zoom in and out. The site offers plenty of source and procedure information and a great list of nanotechnology links as well.

PDC includes an area for links to "ALL" plastics related web sites, an area for selected content from other sites, and an area where PDC locates its own content, including a jobs bank. They work hard at helping you navigate this large and complex layout--if you're interested in polymers, you'll want to make the effort!

Think chemistry is boring? Check out this page for the most exciting stuff on fireworks! Beautiful pictures; and it's a learning experience! Also find other sites on this subject.

Quick chemistry facts concisely tabulated in order to enable maximum information in one “click touch”.

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