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Value of Life Essay

Per. 2 11/26/12 Value of Life Although many people make life seem pointless, harsh, unfair and that there’s nothing to value I disagree with that. Therefore, when you have worked hard and dedicated your life to something that means valuable to you and you accomplish it, you increase a positive attitude because your life seems to starts falling in place. You star realizing the beauty in life is worth working hard for. The pursuit of happiness is always worth chasing when you want everything you dream of having. Unfortunately not everything in life goes your way, as much as we wish that life can be easy and fun with happiness it’s not. They will be times in your life when  →
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Essay on what Is Culture

Before this reading I had a very simple idea of the definition of culture.  I believed that culture is the traditions and costumes that people inherit.   Various groups of people would inherit different traits, thus making us all very unique.  Particular social, ethnic and age groups would lead me to make the assumption that each group owns their own culture.   As I read the chapter I learned that culture is something that is taught whether we as humans are aware of that or not.  Teaching a child their culture is called enculturation.  Enculturation might be the use of verbal hints.  Something as simple as teaching manners, such as saying “Thank you.”  Another process could be through observation of  →
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