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Life on the Union homefront essay

The D.C Times Weekly Life on the Union homefront By Dante A. Piccolino This war is extremely good for production values here in the north because coal and iron reached their all-time highest in production. Northern manufacturers grew so profitable that many companies doubled or tripled their money. The newly rich built exquisite homes and spent their money extravagantly on carriages, silk clothing and jewelry. There was a great deal of public outrage that such conduct was unbecoming or even immoral in time of war. What made this lifestyle even more “offensive” was that workers’ salaries shrank in real terms due to inflation. The price of beef, rice and sugar doubled from their pre-war levels, yet salaries rose only half  →
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Essay on American History X

American History X is a great film that offers opinions from either side through one character, the ex-neo Nazi Derek, and the post-prison-reformed Derek. The scene where the Vinyard family is having dinner with Mr. Murray, the history teacher from Derek and Danny’s high school and Derek begins his racist rant describes the opposite end of anti-racism, that Blacks had “enough time to get their shit together��?. The rant offers a lot of point that pro-White members seem to agree with; the movie legitimizes pro-White opinion and justifies there action against minorities, but as we see Derek change throughout the movie and he reforms after befriending a Black inmate and betrayed by his own neo-Nazi group, the positive change and  →
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A Patriot’s History of the United States

References A Patriot’s History of the United States by Larry Scweikart and Michael Allen A Nation Law, 1176-1789 _____________________________Chapter Four pages 88-126             The challenge of Democracy_______________   The Constitution of the United States of American. Simply put, The Bill of Rights is the name of the first ten amendments, and the Amendments are changes to our written Constitution.  The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments. They protected against standing armies, protected against confiscation of property, and guaranteed a number of legal rights that are referred to as due process. Gave rights such as speech, press, petition, assembly let others practice religion as they choose. The quartering of soldiers was removed, promised due process by a speedy trial, habeas corpus  →
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