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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Historical information, ATM resources, and links to other ATM sites are found in this worthwhile site, produced by the Tallahassee Astronomical Society.


Because inquiring minds want to know. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) This site contains an excellent collection of science fact and science fiction, making it a joy to explore. Teachers are encouraged to share ideas for using the Guide in the classroom.

This page has lots of news articles about astronomical phenomena. For each area (astronomy, space flight, research, meteorology, etc.) there are pictures, animations, software, and organization links.

Beautiful deep-sky astronomical photographs, tips for astrophotography and digital enhancement, and a list of related links make up this interesting site produced by a professional photographer.

This site tells you everything you want to know about JPL programs, NASA, comet observation, and more. Included is information on further astronomical web sites, and great software.

The online version of the world's largest English-language astronomy magazine includes select full text articles as well as news and links to a number of resources for amateur and budding astronomers. It also has a nice "beginner's guide."

This is an excellent British astronomy magazine, this month's issue described and last month's online.

The Smoky Mountain Astronomical Society of Knoxville offers club, satellite, and planet information of interest to Tennessee stargazers, and also includes categorized links and a Deep Sky Online section with articles, charts, pictures, and how-to information.

The Workbook was originally used for training mission controllers at NASA, but was later declassified, and is a great teaching tool for physics and astronomy. It's broken down into chapters that cover the solar system, earth and its reference systems, gravitation and mechanics, interplanetary trajectories, planetary orbits and electromagnetic phenomena. Contains experiments and can be downloaded and printed.


Lots of information and pictures of Comet Hale-Bopp, as well as predictions of its future brightness and performance. Comet definitions and ephemerides for current visually observable comets are also included, along with a number of comet images not available elsewhere on the Net. Very current!

If you're looking for more astronomy sites, or have students who are, this is the place for you! This is a huge reference set up like virtual library shelves using a modified Dewey system. You can do word or category searches and quickly find what you need.

Here you will find a very comprehensive, up-to-date resource on extrasolar planetary systems. The systems are cataloged for your convenience. Also available: a bibliography, information on meetings, the latest news, and links. Available in English and French.

IPAC, the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center at CalTech, offers a wealth of information here on Infrared light and Infrared Astronomy. Included are historical information, definitions and links, recent discoveries, a gallery, activities, Infrared images, and much more.

This actually is a collection of linked pages with Astrophotography, CCD Images, and Aurora photos, plus an excellent collection of annotated astronomy links. The images are wonderful and the exposition is excellent: nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, comets, and don't miss the Northern Lights shots from Alaska!

This site poses and answers a number of fascinating questions, like "can a spider build a web in zero gravity?" It's a massive space flight data resource you can spend hours exploring, and it has a challenging "Just for Kids" section.

This is the ambitious project of the American School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The plan is to design and simulate a Mars Mission, and an impressive amount of work has already been done and documented here. You can learn about the mechanics, read the chats with space experts, and take part in planning sessions.

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